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Leading company for replacement and new uPVC, aluminium, steel and Residence windows  in Hawkinge, Densole, Lyminge, and Denton

Transform your property with new or replacement windows from HomeChoice Glazing. Our FENSA-registered glazing company focuses on providing customised double glazing solutions to clients, ensuring a top-notch and budget-friendly answer for each customer.

In addition to enhancing the visual appeal of your residence, our new windows boost security and thermal performance, ensuring the safety of your family and belongings while improving energy efficiency. Our products are sourced from leading names, including Real, Rehau, Skypod, Virtuoso, and Vista.

Whether you are looking to put the finishing touches to a new property or extension or you need new double glazing as part of a refurbishment project, our dedicated team of experts is here to help. Alongside all new windows, we can supply and fit new doors, secondary glazing, roof glazing and conservatories.

See what our customers say about us in our reviews and on Checkatrade.com.

One recent job included the total glazing of a new house, including new windows and doors and secondary glazing. The customer said:

Fantastic workmanship and communication from all involved. From start to finish- great people doing excellent skilled work. Super tidy too. Really- that good! Whole team. Secondary glazing on period property, plus triple glazing doors and windows to newer annexe. All excellent.

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Why choose Homechoice Windows?

HomeChoice Glazing's excellence is further underscored by our accreditation from FENSA and being shortlisted for the Glass & Glazing Installer Awards 2023. We exclusively source products from leading brands such as Rehau, Skypod, Virtuoso, Vista and Real, ensuring quality and performance.

We prioritise customer satisfaction, offering fast, professional, and trusted window installations, all backed by comprehensive guarantees. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our free and prompt quotes for replacement windows and other glazing services.

With more than two decades of expertise in the field, our team comprises highly skilled specialists in windows and doors. We collaborate with various customers, including homeowners, builders, architects, property managers, construction companies, landlords, and more, to provide advanced glazing solutions.

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    Replacement uPVC casement windows in Hawkinge

    Casement windows remain the preferred replacement window style due to their remarkable versatility. Their popularity arises from the ability to design and construct them in various ways, making them an ideal choice for home improvements. Whether the goal is to maintain a specific property style or upgrade a home to modern standards, casement windows offer a versatile solution.

    Our uPVC casement windows are energy efficient, secure, durable and low maintenance, offering an excellent return on your investment. We also supply and fit flush casement windows that, when closed, sit completely flush within the frame to create a smooth and flat finish. The windows have all the aesthetics of historic versions but boast all the benefits of modern uPVC materials and engineering.

    Please see a case study of the installation of new uPVC windows and aluminium bifold doors in Folkestone.

    Aluminium windows in Hawkinge

    Vertical sliding and sash windows in Hawkinge, CT18

    Preserve the timeless appeal of your home while embracing the advantages offered by contemporary sliding sash windows. Sash windows have been a fashionable window option in the UK for generations, yet traditional single-glazed, timber-framed windows fall short when compared to the capabilities of modern technology.

    The enduring popularity of sash windows stems from their superb ventilation and aesthetic charm. Fortunately, you no longer need to compromise on these elements to enjoy cutting-edge, high-performance uPVC windows that provide ample light, ventilation, and user-friendly features.

    Hawkinge Residence Collection window supply and fit

    Recognised within home improvement for its ingenious fusion of tradition and innovation, the Residence Collection presents an assortment of high-quality flush finish uPVC windows tailored to enhance various architectural styles and design preferences.

    With three appealing styles – R9, R7, and R² – the Residence Collection assures that whether your residence is of historical significance or a modern build, there's a distinctive style within the collection that will not only meet but surpass your expectations.

    These windows boast excellent energy efficiency and security, with triple-glazed styles available.

     double glazing installersHawkinge
     double glazing installersHawkinge

    Robust steel and aluminium windows fitted in Hawkinge

    Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, aluminium windows and steel windows demonstrate exceptional energy efficiency and boast an impressive lifespan.

    Whether you are looking to upgrade your standard windows with an ultra-durable option, incorporate contemporary feature windows into a new-build project, or are still contemplating your choices, we can install high-performance aluminium or steel windows in various styles.

    Double glazing quotations provided for uPVC & aluminium windows in:-

    • Alkham
    • Coldred
    • Denton
    • Hougham
    • Lydden
    • Lyminge
    • Paddlesworth
    • Postling
    • Sandgate
    • Seabrook
    • Selstead
    • Swingate
    • Swingfield

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hawkinge Installation Service

    How important is window security?

    High-quality uPVC double-glazed windows offer enhanced security with robust frames, multi-point locking systems, durable hardware, and secure glazing, making unauthorised access challenging and noisy.

    A significant portion of break-ins occurs through windows, and single-glazed windows are often targeted due to their susceptibility to being easily smashed, frames removed, or forcibly opened. In contrast, top-tier double glazing incorporates multi-point locking mechanisms, lockable handles, sturdy frames, hinges, and security-tested shootbolts.

    Do your double-glazed windows come with a guarantee?

    Yes, all-new glazing comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee for your peace of mind.

    How long does it take to replace windows?

    The duration of the installation process depends on the number of windows being replaced and the specific type of window. Typically, each window requires anywhere from one to three hours for installation. The exact time can vary based on factors such as the size and type of the window being replaced. Our team will be able to advise you.

    How do I reduce or get rid of condensation?

    It’s important to understand that condensation occurs on the glass when its temperature is lower than the surrounding air, which may contain a significant amount of water vapour.

    To address condensation, our double and triple-glazed windows are engineered to ensure that the inner pane of glass maintains a temperature significantly higher than that of a single-glazed window. This elevated temperature minimises the occurrence of condensation, as the warm indoor air encounters glass that is warmer than the surrounding air, virtually eliminating condensation-related issues.

    What is double glazing?

    Double glazing involves the construction of a window or door using two glass panes with a space between them filled with air or gas. This enclosed air or gas acts as an insulating barrier, retaining heat and reinforcing the window’s structural integrity.

    Will fitting new windows add value to my home?

    Upgrading your outdated windows with double-glazed alternatives can enhance the value of your property, proving to be a crucial consideration for many prospective homebuyers. Over the long term, the investment in replacing old windows with new uPVC windows contributes to increased property value and saves money on fuel bills.

    Talk to our FENSA-accredited double glazing specialists in Hawkinge

    To book a no-obligation consultation for new windows, please call 01233 367 074 or email sales@homechoicewindows.co.uk

    Call us for new windows Kingsnorth.

    Hawkinge is a village in the Shepway district of Kent, close to Folkestone. It has experienced growth over recent years and offers a mix of properties, including detached and semi-detached houses, bungalows, and some newer developments. Kenny and the team can provide new or replacement windows for all types of homes and commercial properties.

    Why choose replacement windows?

    We specialise in providing and installing high-quality uPVC, aluminium, and Residence double glazing for residential and commercial properties, enhancing their character and security.

    The most recent generation of double-glazed windows goes beyond mere functionality and practicality, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to ensure exceptional sound and heat insulation. These windows offer sustainable performance and ease of maintenance.

    Crafted with energy efficiency in mind, our double-glazed windows are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.

    This innovative approach enables the reflection of heat generated within your home back into the room while also capturing heat through solar gain.

    This optimises the energy efficiency and overall performance of the windows. The benefits extend to lower heating costs reflected in your energy bills and a positive contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.

    New window installations: The Process

    We make the design and installation process easy. Whatever your double glazing needs. Homechoice Glazing will provide the right solution for your property.

    • 1

      Consultation: One of our expert team will visit you to provide a free and no-obligation consultation. We will take time to understand your requirements, discuss the options and provide a free quote.

    • 2

      Confirmation: Following acceptance of our quote, we will take a deposit and double-check specifications and measurements to ensure your project is completely correctly.

    • 3

      Installation: We will organise a time to complete your installation. Our team will remove and dispose of any inefficient glazing to replace it with new high-performance products. All installations are backed with comprehensive guarantees for your peace of mind.

    We offer all window styles to suit your property, including:

    Casement windows

    Sash windows or vertical sliders

    Bay windows

    Bow windows

    Tilt and turn windows


    Based on 55 reviews
    Lewis Lang
    Excellent service from HomeChoice who came and fitted a new composite front door, side door and new conservatory windows that had misted up. Kept informed about the whole process from purchase to installation. Clean and tidy workmanship. Highly recommended
    Tamla Bell
    Had my French doors fitted today from the moment I met Ken up until installation its been an absolute pleasure, my doors are stunning no mess left behind the 2 chaps that fitted them were friendly and professional couldn't recommend enough dealing with Elise over the phone was also a joy im so grateful thanks homechoice team 😍😍😍
    mark birch
    Really great company owner and staff extremely knowledgeable and brilliant work
    Paul Saxton
    Excellent service, good price and really pleased with the install.

    Initially came to measure up, as soon as the door was ready I was being asked when it could be fitted, no waiting around! Really pleased, definitely using again.
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